Conference Camp At Pine Forge May Delay Traffic

DOUGLASS (BERKS) TOWNSHIP PA – Drivers in Douglas (Berks) Township who regularly make use of Pine Forge Road between Glendale Road and Douglass Drive should make alternate travel plans from the period of June 21 (2018; Thursday) through July 1 (Sunday), the township police department suggested on its Facebook page.

Pine Forge Academy, the 71-year-old Christian school at 361 Pine Forge Rd., will host the 2018 camp meeting of the Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists over the 11-day period. Hundreds of visitors are expected there daily from across a six-state region.

Police asked drivers to “plan appropriately for your travels during this time. Detour routes will be marked,” they added. Particularly heavy traffic and related delays on Douglass Drive should be anticipated each of the two Saturdays (June 23 and 30) during the conference, the department said.

Photo from WikiMedia Commons, used under a Creative Commons license

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