Coventry Mall Was Fun Mess Tuesday, On Purpose

Coventry Mall Was Fun Mess Tuesday, On Purpose

What’s that these two are whipping up? Why, slime, of course

Coventry Mall Was Fun Mess Tuesday, On PurposePOTTSTOWN PA – An opportunity to create a white, oozy, icky, sticky mess – with parental permission, no less – attracted hundreds of children and adults Tuesday night (Jan. 9, 2018) to a free Coventry Mall activity that taught the Center Court crowd how to concoct batches of slime.

Yeah, you know, the stiffen-your-hair stuff made popular in so many Nickelodeon Channel television programs.

It’s not difficult to make, as staffers at four tables showed youngsters who patiently waited in line. All it required, demonstrators explained, was a bowl filled with equal amounts of shampoo and shave cream, and “just a pinch or two of salt,” whipped with air into a frenzy by energetic arms. Each child took turns squishing and squeezing their creations into sandwich-sized plastic bags to take home.

Coventry Mall Was Fun Mess Tuesday, On Purpose

All it took was shampoo, shave cream, a pinch or two of salt, and a really brisk, minute-long stir

Coventry Mall Was Fun Mess Tuesday, On Purpose

Mall staffers poured the creation into plastic bags for kids to take home

Coventry Mall Was Fun Mess Tuesday, On Purpose

Some children were more excited by sticky fingers than the soapy smelling ooze

The prime-time slime fest, held from 6-8 p.m., was another of the West Schuykill Road mall’s seemingly successful promotions to attract visitors and re-introduce them to its retailers and service merchants. Several parents took the hint. They treated themselves to a walk through nearby stores while their kids had fun, and others were seen at the food court enjoying a snack after the slime was bagged.

The mall has made several investments in upgrading lighting, entrances and other facilities; has re-positioned popular tenants for greater public exposure and added selling space, and enticed new tenants who combine retailing with hands-on seminars that involve customers. It’s also opened available space for community events; the TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce held its November college and career fair there.

Ahead at the mall in coming weeks: Hat Day Bingo on Jan. 15; Winnie The Pooh Day, Jan. 18; Snowman Day, Jan. 21; Arctic Animal Craft Night, Jan. 24, and Valentine Craft Day, Feb. 4, according to Facebook.

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