Local Credit Unions Jointly Present ‘Reality Fair’

Volunteers from and employees at two Lower Pottsgrove credit unions, above, helped teach the basics of daily finance

Credit Unions Jointly Present 'Reality Fair'

Pottstown High students show off their ‘Financial Reality Fair’ T-shirts

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Hands-on budgeting experience and practical lessons in personal money management were part of the third annual Financial Reality Fair recently conducted at Pottstown High School by representatives of Diamond Credit Union and the Tri-County Area Federal Credit Union, both headquartered on Medical Drive, and the Pennsylvania Credit Union Foundation.

About 150 students participated in the one-day “real world environment” in which they chose a career, learned what they would earn for a month, and then were required to budget wisely to meet their expenses. Students visited 13 booths to find a place to live, obtain transportation, buy a cell phone, and pay for food and other essentials of daily living. Then they balanced their budgets and reviewed their worksheet with a financial counselor.

The local cooperating credit unions jointly called the exercise a “great example” for extending financial literacy. Their marketing teams and volunteers helped plan and operate the event, with guidance and materials from the foundation and assistance from Wrigley’s Business Products and Services. Wrigley’s also provided souvenir T-shirts for the students.

Photos from Diamond Credit Union

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