Gabe’s Opening Draws Coventry Mall Crowds

Gabe's Opening Draws Coventry Mall Crowds
NORTH COVENTRY PA – East side parking lots at Coventry Mall were at times filled to capacity Saturday (March 18, 2017), and the revitalized local retail center on West Schuylkill Road throbbed with shopping life as the newest Gabe’s “extreme value fashion and home” store observed its grand opening. Thousands of people came to explore and buy (at top), and then, other store owners said, went looking at what else had changed within the mall.

The North Coventry Gabe’s occupies a portion of the mall’s former Sears store (above), and is among several that chain owner Gabriel Brothers Inc. said it plans to open this year. It offers clothing, home goods, and other items at discount pricing, some of which attracted customers who kept its cashier lines busy for most of the weekend. Shoppers said they were generally pleased with what they saw as the store’s selection, presentation, and value.

They also said they were surprised the store lacked a passageway or connection into the mall. Mall management is building an external entrance just to the north of Gabe’s front doors to ease the transition from the store into the rest of the center. Store owners inside the mall said they were pleased with that development, and noted Saturday had been a particularly good day for them, too, as spill-over traffic ventured down the mall corridors.

The mall since November has added several new stores, restaurants, and service providers to attract more business, as well as an increasing number of events and activities. Its newest tenants include Keep It Simply Stylish, Hudson Leather, Altrom Shoes, Dollar Thrift, Spoil Me, Captured In Coventry, Beyond Fun Fitness Studio, Picture Perfect Studio, and Gifts Made EZ. Society of Burgers, Salad Society, and Coventry Parlor have been added to the food court.

Photos by The Post Publications

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