New Facebook Page Monitoring ‘Crime In Pottstown’

New Facebook Page Monitoring 'Crime In Pottstown'

POTTSTOWN PA – The anonymous tenders of a new Facebook page suggest incidents of crime in Pottstown must be monitored more closely, documented more consistently, and reported more frequently as a way to pressure borough government to address the problem. In only 10 days, they’ve attracted a couple of hundred like-minded readers.

The page, which opened July 16 (2013, Tuesday), is called “Crime In Pottstown” and can be found here.

“People are tired of the crime and disrespect for Pottstown,” the page offers as a founding statement. “Tired of the people that work in local government that don’t work with us to find solutions and don’t try to find solutions at all. The crime is at the top of the charts in PA and the U.S.,” it says, and further charges borough officials “are over paid for what they do – mostly nothing – just like council members.”

Crime In Pottstown has drawn agreement and sympathetic reactions from readers who say they feel the same way. As of Friday morning (July 26), 243 Facebook members had “Liked” the page.

Those who created and maintain Crime In Pottstown so far have not publicly identified themselves. Its “About” section merely describes their effort as a “site to let the community know when crime hits your neighborhood. When you see a crime CALL POLICE FIRST – 911. Then, let your neighbors know what’s going on by posting it here.”

Commenters have taken that urging to heart. They described recent thefts they said occurred near or around their homes. They’ve posted photographs of houses they allege are havens for drug abuse, of knives reportedly found on neighborhood streets, of shopping carts stored or abandoned in alleys. They also ask about police activity they’ve spotted at some locations.

Crime In Pottstown is among the latest of similarly named Facebook pages with similar goals. They include Crime In Charlotte (NC), Crime In Wilmington (CA), and Crime In San Pedro (CA).

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