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Weather Archive

Brinkley And Bear Know How A Great Day Looks

In Pottstown, it's got sun and snow, and a caring owner

Pottstown Schools Delayed Opening Tuesday

Pottstown delayed the opening of schools Tuesday morning by two hours

TCN Cancels Its Meeting In Advance Of Weather

Its regular monthly meeting and "winter celebration" will be rescheduled later.

Pottstown Crews Work To Replace Storm Drainage Pipe

Workers on behalf of the borough last week dug up relic

Keeping Cool Is A Matter Of Choosing Your Hat

The color isn't important. The brim and positioning is.

Pottstown Plowing Its Money Underground … For Sewers

The borough is looking to improve access to its storm sewer

Finger-Numbing Coldness Ahead, County Warning Says

Montgomery County's health department issued a Code Blue alert for tonight

Beauty Reigns Amid Sprogel Run’s Cold And Snow

Mother Nature's been playing artist again.

Pottstown Comfort Inn Collects YWCA Winter Clothing

Forty-six children attending programs of the YWCA Tri-County Area will be

Cedarville Church Helping Hurricane Sandy Victims

Its congregation is attempting to fill a bus with cleaning supplies

Hurricane Sandy Help, Sent From Pottstown To Bayonne

A North Sanatoga Road couple has organized a relief effort for

State’s Pension Fund Unsure If Sandy Hurt Its Investment

Retirement monies on which Pottstown, Spring-Ford Area, and Pottsgrove school employees

With Sandy Gone, Pottstown BIE Warns, Beware Of Scams

Members of the Building Industries Exchange of Pottstown remind property owners

Pottstown Shelter Not Purr-fect, But Warm And Dry

People, and for some their pets too, took advantage of warmth,

Poison Centers Urge Caution in Hurricane Generator Use

If the electrical power goes out, and you're using a fuel-powered

Not Pretty: Three Views Of Storm Damage In Pottstown

Cars and trucks impaled by trees, light poles resting on the

Township Declares Disaster, Its Eye On Your Wallet

Lower Pottsgrove's announcement Sunday positions it to claim a federal reimbursement

It’s Official, Kids: Pottsgrove Schools Closed Monday

No school operations will be conducted as the storm hits its