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County Caravan’s Coming Stop To Be In The West

Bad weather forced Montgomery County Commissioners to cancel a local Feb.

Painter Sets March 3 As Property Tax Education Day

Four separate sessions are scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Painter Makes It Official: He’ll Run For Re-Election

The Democrat who represents Lower Pottsgrove, Limerick and part of Pottstown

‘Paycheck Protection’ Finds Support At County Levels

Bills being considered by the Pennsylvania Legislature would deny unions the

County Caravan’s First Stop To Be Lower Pottsgrove

Montgomery County commissioners will hit the road during February of a

Valentine Hopes To Represent PA’s 146th House District

The current president of Pottsgrove's school board said Thursday he intended

For Pennsylvania Politicians, Holidays Last All Year

From Turkish rugs to all-expense-paid trips to the Super Bowl, many

State Supreme Court Rebukes Gas Drilling Policy

Pennsylvania’s highest court on Thursday said the state had no right

It’s Local Election Day, And Your Vote Matters

Do your duty. Exercise your right. Care about your community. Vote.

State Rep. Painter’s Staff Available At Boroughs’ Libraries

The state representative serving Lower Pottsgrove, Pottstown, Limerick and Royersford is

No Potholes Too Small, Or Big, For Local Representative

Got a problem with transportation in Pennsylvania? Then call Pottstown-based state

Notary Service Free In Pottstown, And On The Road Too

State Rep. Mark Painter says he's making a Pennsylvania public notary

House Drops Rebate Expansion, Supported By Pottstown Rep

Legislators declined to add more money to the state property tax

PA’s Capital, Harrisburg, Charged By SEC With Fraud

Federal investigators said city officials misled the public, and its investors,

Representative Holds An Office Open House April 20

Mark Painter, who represents Pottstown in the state's 146th Legislative District,