Fresh To You, From Montgomery County Gardens

THE HARVEST IS IN! – Baskets of vegetables fresh from local gardens – eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, and others – were on display for sale Saturday (Aug. 10, 2019) at the open-air stand outside the Coventry Parlor restaurant at Laurel Locks, 653 Laurelwood Rd., Pottstown. “Consumers know the benefits of buying local: enjoying produce at the peak of flavor and nutritional content, supporting their local economy, helping keep local farmers in business and reducing the distance food travels,” according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. In addition to its roadside stands, Montgomery County boasts of 16 different regularly scheduled farmers’ markets. Its list, available for download here, includes two in Pottstown, and one each in Trappe and Collegeville.

Photo by The Post Publications

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