Pottstown Alleged Robbers Stab Victim In Hand

POTTSTOWN PA – A lodging guest at the Quality Inn on King Street suffered a stab wound to the hand Sunday (March 31, 2019) as he resisted an alleged robbery attempt by two suspects who hoped to take money he had recently won, the Pottstown Police Department reported. Police have already identified prospective actors in the case, but said they will not release names until both are taken into custody.

Police responded to the stabbing victim, identified as James Stock, Sunday at about 7 a.m. He was transported to Reading Hospital by Goodwill Ambulance for treatment. A home address for Stock was not supplied.

The pair “conspired to rob the victim of his winnings,” police said in a statement to news media. It did not mention how much cash was involved, how it was obtained, or if Stock knew his alleged assailants.

Photo from Google Images

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