Wampum Belt Importance Discussed On Sunday

A portion of a wampum belt commemorating the Iroquois confederacy

POTTSTOWN PA – An exploration of the historic value associated with wampum and wampum belts, part of an educational symposium on Native American heritage but postponed since January due to inclement weather, has been re-scheduled for Sunday (Feb. 10, 2019) from 1-3 p.m. at ArtFusion 19464, 341 Beech St. The discussion, led by artist, entertainer and story-teller Barry Lee, is open to the public.

Wampum and wampum belts were important as historical and ceremonial records. They held significant value among the Native American communities encountered by European explorers and colonists.

Narrator Lee and his wife Barbara Christy are the primary entertainers of the five-time nominated Native American Music Award band, “Spirit Wing.” Experts say Spirit Wing is among one of the most popular Native American acts in the Middle Atlantic states, and is recognized for its dedicated representation of Native American culture.

Lee and Christy have performed during recent years at Pottstown elementary school assemblies and the annual “PowWow on Manatawny Creek” event held in Pottstown on the first weekend of May.

Admission to the talk is free, but a $5 donation is suggested. Proceeds will benefit the annual celebration of Native American culture, and maintenance of the Native American burial site in Pottstown. For more information, call Ron Williams at 610-327-1838 or send him an e-mail to naheritagecircle@comcast.net.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons, used under a Creative Commons license

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