Healthy Return: YMCA Held Open House Saturday

Healthy Return: YMCA Held Open House Saturday

Kids can play under adult supervision while their parents exercise, thanks to the Y’s enhanced child watch room

POTTSTOWN PA – With recent upgrades and major renovations completed at its facility, the Pottstown YMCA on Saturday opened its North Adams Street doors for a series of tours and activities to re-introduce the public to its programs, equipment and staff. The well-attended, four-hour event was also framed as a celebration, in part because the Y only seven months ago faced the possibility of closing.

The improvements include new strength and cardio rooms, an enhanced child watch room (above), and two new workout studios complete with new sound systems, Executive Director Scott Cusworth explained. Its primary pool (below) was fitted with a new filtration and pump system. The indoor track also remains open for use. Visitors who stopped by were welcome use the facility, including its Wellness Center, throughout the day.

Healthy Return: YMCA Held Open House Saturday

Swimmers splashed the day away in the YMCA pool

The Y also displayed its lengthy list of group exercise classes in action. A happy group of seniors could be seen sitting atop large inflated balls, stretching and turning under an instructor’s guidance to enhance the suppleness of their spines. The cavernous pool echoed with sounds of laughter and sloshing water.

Inside the strength room (at top), divided into disciplines for those who want to work on specific muscle groups, Senior Program Director Logan Finerfrock and other staff members kept a helpful eye on users as they went through their paces.

Healthy Return: YMCA Held Open House Saturday

Walkers took to the YMCA’s indoor track as construction for a tenant sports-related tenant continued below them

It’s been a time-consuming but exciting road back to ensure the sustainability of the building and its offerings, Cusworth indicated.

Reading-area based private investor Charles Gulati, whose family holdings also include Sunnybrook Ballroom in Sanatoga, stepped in during May and agreed to buy the 724 N. Adams St. building, refurbish it, and lease space back to the Y as its primary tenants. The Y now occupies more than 20,000 square feet of the more than 80,000 square-foot edifice.

Gulati’s deal gave Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA, the Pottstown branch’s operating parent, the ability to keep membership growing while also relieving it of financial burdens due for significant repairs. The investors, in turn, are capitalizing on the vacated space to bring in additional tenants whose businesses align with health and wellness.

Several tenants are already under contract, and their spaces were being remodeled Saturday by construction crews working under deadline. Soon, Cusworth acknowledged, the Y building will become a one-stop shop for a variety of fitness-related endeavors.

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