Police Seek ATV Driver After Disappearing Act

NORTH COVENTRY PA – Think of this as a law enforcement tale of one who got away. With public help, maybe only momentarily.

It’s Sunday (Oct. 28, 2018), at about 6:49 p.m., according to North Coventry police. Evening has fallen. A guy’s out driving on South Hanover Street near East Hoffecker Road. But he’s not in a car, not in a truck, not on a motorcycle. Instead, police claim on their website, he’s driving an all-terrain vehicle.

A patrol attempts to pull him over him for an alleged traffic violation. The driver “failed to stop,” the report said. It provides no details about how, or when, or in what direction, he escaped or eluded police. Like a ghost that appears and disappears only four days before Halloween, he and the ATV were there, and then apparently they were not.

Police don’t know the driver’s name, the report acknowledges. It refers to him as “the unidentified male.” Now the unidentified male is being sought for that alleged violation.

They do, however, have a photo of him (at top), seemingly taken by a surveillance camera in what appears to be a retail business. Officers hope someone among the public can put a name to his face, and turn this into a law enforcement tale of another one who got caught.

Anyone with information is asked to call the North Coventry Police Department at 610-323-8360, or to supply a tip on its website, here.

Photo from North Coventry Police

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