A Few Drops Couldn’t Keep Them From The River

Videography by David Rabinowitz
For The Post Publications

POTTSTOWN PA – For most area residents, the weather of the last two weeks seems to have been dominated by a cold shower with a split personality. It rains, then it shines. It’s only a sprinkle, then it’s a downpour. The roads are dry, then they’re flooded.

People who pursue Pennsylvania’s Schuylkill River Trail rarely are bothered by such inconsistencies. They’re on the path to exercise, to breathe deeply of freshly washed air, and to enjoy nature and the outdoors. “Rain?,” they ask. “What rain?”

Editor’s Note: David Rabinowitz, a Pottsgrove High School student and the son of Rick and Cheryl Rabinowitz of Lower Pottsgrove, is working with Sanatoga Post Managing Editor Joe Zlomek on a variety of news-gathering and reporting assignments during a part-time, six-week internship program.

Videography and photo still by David Rabinowitz

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